9th Annual Timberwolves Legacy Night

UNBC Timberwolves Legacy Night with Chantelle and Warren Grafton - November 9, 2023

In every sense of the word, Chantelle and Warren Grafton are a team. UNBC graduates, competitive athletes, martial artists, world travellers, and adventure chasers, Chantelle and Warren Grafton had created a life full of joy and purpose.

Then, in June, 2019, the married couple had their idyllic lives turned upside down.

On a mountain biking trip, Chantelle was in accident that left her a quadriplegic, unable to feel anything from the neck down. The neurosurgeons told her that if she was able to survive the accident, she wouldn’t want to.

Four years later, the Graftons have pushed the boundaries of what is possible for an individual living with quadriplegia. Leaning on each other for encouragement and support, Chantelle and Warren have continued to chase adventure, embrace challenge, and grow closer than ever before.

For evidence of that resilience, look no further than March of 2023, when Chantelle received her black belt in karate.

Refusing to accept an ordinary life, this extraordinary pair will inspire with their story, told in a humorous, realistic, and unfiltered way.

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