Timberwolves News

  • Athletics May 05, 2021

    Conference members signalled their intentions to return to regular season play with the formal approval of alternative sport formats for 2021-22. The alternative formats, which have a greater focus on regional play where possible, provide a... more

  • Women's Soccer April 09, 2021

    7,586 kilometres. That’s how far the newest Timberwolf will travel to Prince George this summer to prepare for the upcoming Canada West season. Today, the University of Northern British Columbia Women’s Soccer team officially announced the... more

  • Women's Soccer April 07, 2021

    It is been an unorthodox path to the highest level of university sport in the country, but it is the path Grace Gillman is forging. The University of Northern British Columbia Women’s Soccer team announced the official commitment of 27-year-old... more

  • Athletics March 30, 2021

    Circle May 5th, 2021 on your calendars. It may look different than in years past, but the 7th Annual UNBC Timberwolves Legacy Breakfast is officially a go. Stanley Cup-winning coach Jon Cooper will headline the morning, which will be held... more

  • Men's Soccer March 25, 2021

    The ultimate compliment to an athlete is that they were difficult to play against, game in and game out. In the case of UNBC Men’s Soccer great Gordon Hall, there may be no Timberwolf ever who was harder to compete against. The heart and soul of... more

  • Men's Basketball March 25, 2021

    After the dust settles on an athlete’s playing career, the ways to evaluate his or her career are limited. We are left with stats and accolades, anecdotes from those who saw the competitor firsthand, and if they are lucky, championships. Most of all... more

  • Women's Basketball March 23, 2021

    The University of Northern British Columbia Women’s basketball team was just one year into its existence at the BCCAA level, and Timberwolves coach Loralyn Murdoch knew she needed a standard-bearer for the program. In the summer of 2000, she met... more

  • Women's Soccer March 21, 2021

    Often in university sport, a student-athlete takes on the personality and mindset of a program, and sometimes, a program takes on the personality and mindset of a student-athlete. In the case of UNBC Women’s Soccer player Madison Emmond, her... more

  • Men's Basketball March 18, 2021

    Of all the players to don a UNBC jersey, there has never been a more physically dominant presence than Franco Kouagnia. One of the most popular athletes UNBC has ever had, Kouagnia’s time in green and gold was short but massively impactful, making... more

  • Men's Basketball March 17, 2021

    To suggest Zane Robison wore a number of crucially important hats for Timberwolves Athletics would be an understatement. Over the course of nearly fifteen years, Robison was a founder, a player, a captain, an assistant coach, a fundraiser, a head... more

  • Women's Basketball March 14, 2021

    The University of Northern British Columbia Women’s Basketball team had a new coach, in a new league, and needed a new star to lead them in a new direction. When Vasiliki Louka arrived on campus, the Timberwolves got exactly that. The... more

  • Men's Basketball March 09, 2021

    The banner hangs proudly, high above the glossy hardwood floor of the Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre gymnasium. It reads “2010 CCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions.” It will hang on that wall, above the hoop on center court, forever. A... more

  • Women's Basketball March 06, 2021

    It is impossible to tell the story of University of Northern British Columbia Women’s Basketball without mentioning the name Jaclyn Nazareno. Over the course of her five-year Timberwolves career, she not only raised the bar on the court with her... more

  • Men's Soccer March 05, 2021

    For any team to be successful, it needs foundational pieces. Building blocks, established in the early stages of the program that carry the weight and burden a heavy load. In the case of University of Northern British Columbia Men’s Soccer, one... more

  • Men's Basketball March 03, 2021

    When recruiting a potential student-athlete, a coach will evaluate and try to project what the incoming player can achieve if he or she puts in the time and effort. In the case of Jay Gladish, his production and impact far exceeded even the boldest... more

  • Women's Soccer February 26, 2021

    Over the course of a program’s history, there are individuals who come along and raise the bar. For UNBC Women’s Soccer, Sidney Roy donning a Timberwolves jersey for the first time was a moment that would alter the future of the green & gold.... more