Tips for Optimizing Webpages

July 13, 2016

As we move closer to the launch of the responsive web, we encourage you to spend some time reviewing and optimizing your web pages. Here are some tips that will help you with enhancing your presence on the website.

Check Alt and Title Text on Images

It is important that the images on your web pages include meaningful alt text and titles. This ensures that users with visual impairments are able to interpret your web pages using a screen reader. It can also improve the search ranking for your webpages. Alt text should use proper capitalization and provide an adequate description of the image.

To check the alt text for an image, double click the image in the editor to bring up the Image Properties dialogue box. Check the ‘Alternative Text’ field to make sure it contains your alt text. To check the image title, click the ‘Advanced’ tab and check the ‘Advisory Title’ field. Image titles are optional and should be different from the alt text.

Image Properties in Drupal

Review Content for Recency

The content on your web pages should be both up-to-date and relevant. Please take some time to read through each of your web pages and make any necessary updates. Contact information, news, and events are examples of content that should always be kept current.

Check Heading Styles

Please make sure that your main page headings are using the Heading 3 style. Subheadings should use the Heading 4 style. Headings at lower levels should be formatted using bold paragraph text.

To fix a heading style, highlight the text and choose ‘Clear Formatting’ from the style drop down list in your editing toolbar, then choose the appropriate style for your heading.

Heading Styles Dropdown in Drupal

Review Overall Page Formatting

Take a look through your web pages to make sure the page formatting and font styles are consistent. You can also check your web page formatting using different mobile devices and web browsers. If you run into any formatting problems that you aren’t able to fix, please contact us for assistance.