Web editor training (Drupal CMS)

The web editor training at UNBC is designed for staff, faculty, and student assistants who have been assigned the responsibility of maintaining departmental web pages on the UNBC website. The training is self-guided and will give you all the tools you need to create and edit web content. The content management system (CMS) used for the UNBC website is Drupal.

Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours

Step 1: Register for training.

Please register for web editor training via our registration webform. A ticket will be generated in our support system so we can set you up with access to the web editor training environment.

Step 2: Prepare some mock content for your training assignment.

You will be asked to demonstrate your new web editing skills by submitting an assignment. You will be creating four types of web pages and adding text, documents and images from your computer. You will need:

  • One document (e.g. PDF or Word document)
  • Two images
  • A paragraph of text (lorem ipsum is accepted)
  • The URL for your favourite web page on the UNBC website (e.g. https://www.unbc.ca/events)
  • The URL for your favourite website outside of UNBC (e.g. https://www.theuselessweb.com)

Step 3: Review the training assignment requirements.

We recommend working on the assignment and watching the tutorial videos at the same time. Remember to save your work while completing your assignment.

Step 4: Watch each of the training video tutorials.

There are 15 training videos you will need to watch to complete your web editor training. It will take 28 minutes to watch all the videos. After watching a video you can try each technique yourself in the training environment.

Step 5: Complete and submit your training assignment for review.

When you finish watching the training videos and have completed your assignment, please submit your assignment for marking. Be sure to review and complete all the assignment requirements before submitting.

Web editor training support

If you have any questions regarding web editor training, please contact us at support@unbc.ca.