• Students Research Local Wildlife Food Habits and Movements

  • UNBC researchers seine on sandy beaches

    UNBC Researchers Document Fish Diversity

  • Wildlife fisheries students

    Our Students Work with Natural Resource Professionals

  • We Work With a Variety of Wildlife Species Like Baren-Ground Caribou

  • Swan migrating

    Northern BC is Home to Numerous Species of Resident and Migratory Wildlife

The BSc Wildlife and Fisheries degree at UNBC is administered by the Ecosystem Science and Management Program. It provides students with a solid foundation in wildlife and fisheries biology with considerable indoor and outdoor laboratory experience. It also exposes students to an integrated approach to resource issues that confront today's professionals. As such, the BSc in Wildlife and Fisheries encompasses a combination of theoretical and applied ecology that prepares students for different avenues including public- and private-sector employment as well as graduate studies.

The above video was produced by members of UNBC's Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society to promote interest in wildlife and fisheries.