Active Minds Science PALS Camps (Ages 6-8) - VIRTUAL

Please note if your child has completed kindergarten and is turning 6 this calendar year they are eligible to register for these activity clubs.

Clubs run for one week, approximately one hour per day. In each session leaders will walk campers through the activity explaining the science and encouraging questions along the way, as well as introducing them to physical activities and brain breaks! Price $50, including Activity Box and T-shirt.

Zoomin' Zoology

Are you an animal lover - and you wish you knew more about them? Join us for a crash course in zoology: the study of animals, both modern and ancient! Learn about the creepy critters and majestic creatures that share our world by building habitats, exploring our food, and acting like animals. See the world through animal eyes and discover how you can help the animals in your neighbourhood. Each week has new, exciting activities to showcase the creatures we cannot live without!

Scheduled - Week 2: Jul 11th - 15th and Week 6: Aug 8th - 12th

The Magic of Science

Science experiments come in all shapes and colours, and this activity club aims to catch your eye! Science can be magical, and you will learn the science behind mind-blowing experiments as well as try them out! Discover what it means to be a mad scientist, and amaze your friends and family with the lifelong knowledge that comes with science based activities. Magic can be found in all sorts of scientific fields, such as chemistry, physics, and even biology! Sign up for more than one week, each camp will have new and exciting activities to do.

Scheduled - Week 4: Jul 25th - 29th

Mini Med

Welcome to Mini Med, a crash course about your own body! Activate your muscles and your mind for a roster of health science activities that encourage you to get up and go. Learn how the body works and how to take care of it while fostering a love of medicine. Special topics include the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive and musculoskeletal systems. Get your body moving, heart pumping, and head thinking as you jump into the world of health sciences.

Scheduled - Week 5: Aug 2nd - 5th

How to Engineer Everything

Be an engineer for a week! Put your thinking cap on as you jump headfirst into the practical application of science and math made fun. Get firsthand experience designing, constructing, and testing your creations. Problem-solve, work, play, and laugh through the week as you engage in the many disciplines of engineering that are critical in the development of our modern society. Is one week just not enough to satisfy your curiosity and creativity? Don’t worry, there is so much more to learn! Register for multiple weeks, there will be new and exciting activities to do each time.

Scheduled - Week 1: Jul 4th - 8th and Week 8: Aug 22nd - 26th