Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled some FAQs to hopefully answer some of the questions you may have. If you have a question that is not answered here, email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Activity Clubs 

Q - Does a parent/guardian need to be present during activity club? 
A - While a parent/guardian does not need to be on camera with the child, there does need to be a responsible adult in the house with the child at all times. 

Q - How long are activity clubs? 
A - Activity clubs run every Monday-Friday (except weeks with a statutory holiday) varying in length between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on camp and age group, see Camp Schedule and Fees for more information.

Q - Can multiple children participate in an activity club from the same computer? 
A - Yes, children can share a computer if they are in the same camp. However, each child must be registered for that week of activity club separately. This excludes campers registered in any of our Cyber Chase camps. Cyber Chase campers must each have access to their own computer during activity club.

Q - What kind of supplies do activity clubs require? 
A - We have designed theses activity clubs with parents like you in mind! All activity club experiments use easy to find, inexpensive, and sometimes even recycled materials that you will gather on your own. 

Q - What if my child experiences technical difficulties during activity club? 
A - Every activity club is run by a primary leader, there is also a secondary leader in each session acting as a moderator. The moderator will do their best to remedy any technical difficulties that may occur during the club session. 

Q - My household does not have a computer/webcam/Wi-Fi connection capable of Zoom, is there another option? 
A - Our activity boxes would be perfect for you! Choose from five themes of boxes and select for local pick-up or ground shipping Canada wide! Each box comes with all the supplies you will need to complete three fantastic self-led experiments at home.