Refund Policy

If an Active Minds camp does not fill its minimum required capacity one week prior to its start date, UNBC reserves the right to cancel the camp and refund the registration fees in full.

If a participant (Camper) needs to withdraw from an Active Minds camp; a refund may be given up to one week prior to the registered camp start date, minus a $25.00 administration fee. No refunds will be issued for a withdrawal from a camp with less than one week notice prior to the registered camp start date.

A refund may be considered for withdrawal from a camp within the one week period if the participant (Camper) has a medical condition that does not allow them to safely continue participating in the registered camp. A doctor’s note must be provided upon withdrawal from the camp and any refund may be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.

Camp or club transfers will be considered by UNBC Active Minds administration however are dependent on registration numbers. There is no fee for transferring to a different camp or cancelling from the waitlist.

Code of Conduct

In addition to providing a sound educational environment for intellectual pursuits, UNBC is concerned with developing socially responsible citizens, ensuring the welfare and freedom of all members of the UNBC community, and protecting individual rights. UNBC is thus concerned with the quality of camp/club participant conduct and has adopted rules and behavioural standards for its program participants. Disciplinary action may be imposed when a camp or club participant fails to recognize or violates the rights and freedoms of other individuals or behaves in a manner not consistent with program policies during the program sessions or between program sessions/schedule.

I. Standards of Conduct

The following forms of conduct are forbidden and are subject to disciplinary action as provided hereafter:

Primary Violations:

i. Disorderly or disruptive conduct which substantially threatens harms or interferes with program personnel or orderly program operations of Active Minds camps/clubs.

ii. Utterance of threats by any means of communication (this includes over Zoom, Zoom chats, social media, etc.) including but not limited to threats of physical abuse of any Camper, camp participant, employee, officer of UNBC, UNBC guest or organization.

iii. Taking screenshots or screen recordings or recordings of virtual or in-person camp activities.

iv. Sharing club virtual meeting IDs with others outside of Active Minds activities.

v. Showing and/or participating in any inappropriate imagery/practices is strictly prohibited. This includes possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and marijuana and/or illegal drugs during virtual or in-person camp activities.

vi. Using/displaying any weapons of any kind and items that could cause injury or damage to participants or other members of the household are strictly forbidden.

vii. Physical assault or attempted assault, upon the person of any camp participant, or UNBC employee/ officer of the Active Minds Program including assault occurring outside of camp/club sessions.

II. Penalties

Individual camp or club participants found to have violated this Code shall be subject to restitution if appropriate and to the following range of penalties:

i. Disciplinary Reprimand: The participant (Camper) is informed verbally that their behavior is in violation of UNBC Active Minds regulations. It is an assumption that repetition of behavior is not likely. However, it is to be understood that further misconduct may result in additional disciplinary action. The Camper’s parents, guardians or sponsors will be notified of behavior.

ii. Loss of Privileges: The participant (Camper) is informed verbally and in writing that their behavior is in violation of UNBC Active Minds regulations. They may lose the privilege of participating in a specific camp activity or a set duration or whole camp session; Campers could be restricted from entering the live camp session for that day. The Camper’s parents, guardians or sponsors will be notified.

iii. Expulsion: The Camper is informed verbally and in writing that they have been expelled from the UNBC Active Minds program. The Camper’s parents, guardians or sponsors will be informed, and the Camper will no longer be permitted to participate in the remaining UNBC Active Mind camp sessions.