Payment Methods

Instructions for Online Payment

  1. For the link to the Bookstore’s online payment portal click here.
  2. Click “Add to Cart”. Ignore the Qty (quantity) field. Leave it at default Qty 1.
  3. Proceed to Checkout by clicking “Checkout”
  4. If you have an account created for the bookstore, enter it, and click “Login”
  5. If you don’t have an account, click “Create an Account” and fill in the required fields
  6. Once you have an account, fill in the required text fields (to simplify, make it the same as your billing info) and under “Shipping Methods” in the drop down text field, choose “PICK UP – PRINCE GEORGE CAMPUS”
  7. Input the invoice number e.g. “2021NALS00900” on the Special Instructions text field.
  8. Click “Continue to Payment Info”
  9.  Ignore the Summary of Charges, the UNBC Bookstore will charge the amount that is on the invoice.
  10. Enter the Payment Method information (i.e. credit card info)
  11. Then click “apply payment” the blue button to verify the card
  12. Ensure that the billing information is correct (should be automatically populated from the Shipping information)
  13. Click “Review Your Order”
  14. If all the information is correct you may click “Place My Order”
  15. An order receipt page should be loaded (this is separate from the payment receipt)
  16. The UNBC Bookstore will provide a payment receipt for the specific invoice via the customer’s email address listed on the invoice.
  17. If you have more than one invoice to pay, increase quantity and enter all invoice numbers.
  18. For further questions you can contact the Bookstore, or via phone 250 960-6424.


In person payment can be made with a copy of the invoice at the UNBC Bookstore (Monday to Friday 10AM-4PM).


Please make cheques payable to the “University of Northern British Columbia” and reference the Invoice Number on payment.


To pay by credit card via telephone, call the UNBC Bookstore at 250-960-6424 between 10AM-4PM with the total cost and Invoice Number.