Research news

  • Candyce Huxter takes photos of bats

    As small, brown bats swooped in and around her, Candyce Huxter stood quietly snapping photos and taking notes in her bird and mammal observation journal. She noted the bats, a bit smaller than black... more

  • A bull moose on the grounds of the Prince George Airport Authority

    When a healthy adult moose appears on a wildlife camera, it usually puts a smile on Dr. Roy Rea’s face. With a steady decline in their population, Rea knows that any moose that is capable of breeding... more

  • UNBC Biochemistry and Molecular Biology graduate Dr. Kirsten Reimer went on to complete her PhD at Yale.

    Getting research experience as an undergraduate at the University of Northern British Columbia taught Dr. Kirsten Reimer what it means to be a scientist and inspired her to follow her curiosity to... more