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UNBC is subject to the rules set out in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). FOIPPA governs how UNBC and other public bodies manage personal and private information. At UNBC, compliance with FOIPPA is managed by the Office of University Governance. There are 3 main privacy areas managed by UNBC. 

Access to Information                 

Students, employees, and members of the public have the right to request access to records in the custody and control of UNBC.


Privacy Impact Assessments    

A PIA is a compliance and risk management tool used to assess and mitigate the privacy risks associated with a new initiative at UNBC.


Privacy Breaches  

Personal information that has been collected, used, or disclosed inappropriately could be a privacy breach, and must be reported to

See Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Privacy Management and Records Management for information about generative AI and privacy. 

See Training and Resources for the Employee Privacy Handbook and other useful privacy resources. 

For any questions or inquiries about privacy at UNBC, please contact or see the Protection of Privacy Policy