Research space

Research space is an institutional asset and is critical to fulfill UNBC’s mission and mandate. It must be managed strategically and thoughtfully, like other UNBC assets. Research space must be used efficiently, effectively, and equitably, especially as demand for research space grows, and costs to maintain space increase. Research at UNBC is diverse and space must be available to those who need it regardless of discipline.

Requests for research space require completion of the Space Allocation Request Form which is then submitted to the Facilities department. Research space requests are reviewed by the VP Research and Innovation on a monthly basis but depending on the request made and available space, it may take some time to allocate suitable space.

Graduate Student Office Space

(Masters and PhD students only)

Effective September 1, 2022 requests for graduate student office space will be processed in the following manner:

There are a limited number of shared office spaces for graduate students. To request use of a space complete the desk assignment agreement and key request forms below and send them to with subject line 'Grad office space request-student name'. Your supervisor will provide the authorizing name and signature on the key request form. 

The Office of Research and Innovation will:

  • Assign you an office number and desk number (If no space is available you will be notified of your placement on the wait list), and, 
  • Forward your completed key request form (signed off by the Director, Research and Innovation) to Facilities for processing 

Please note Facilities will contact you once your form has been processed.

Contact with any questions