University Excellence in Research Award

The University Excellence in Research Award seeks to acknowledge Faculty Association members who are deemed exceptional researchers and scholars.

Past winners

College of Science and Management

2023: Dr. Jianbing Li, Dr. Fan Jiang
2022: Dr. Jueyi Sui, Dr. Roy Rea, Dr. Liang Chen
2021: Dr. Phil Burton, Dr. Hossein Kazemian, Dr. Stephen Rader
2020: Dr. Chow Lee, Dr. Alex Aravind, Dr. Eduardo Martins
2019: Dr. Jianbing Li, Dr. Gail Fondahl
2018: N/A
2017: Dr. David Connell
2016: Dr. Russ Dawson
2015: Dr. Michael Gillingham, Dr. Chow Lee, Dr. Jueyi Sui
2014: Dr. Mark Shegelski, Dr. Jianbing Li, Dr. Ken Otter, Dr. Mark Shrimpton
2013: Dr. Alex Aravind, Dr. Chris Johnson, Dr. Hugues Massicotte
2012: Dr. Darwyn Coxson, Dr. Youmin Tang, Dr.  Sungchul Choi, Roy Rea
2011: Dr. Staffan Lindgren, Dr. Jueyi Sui 
2010: Dr. Han Donker, Dr. Jianbing Li
2009: Dr. Chris Johnson, Dr. Brian Menounos
2008: Dr. Ken Otter, Dr. Mark Shrimpton

College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences

2023: Dr. Chelsea Pelletier
2022: Dr. Caroline Sanders
2021: N/A
2020: Dr Michel Bouchard
2019: Dr. Nathan Andrews
2018: Dr. Monica Mattfeld, Dr. Benjamin Bryce
2017: N/A
2016: Dr. Gary Wilson
2015: N/A
2014: N/A
2013: Dr. Matias Margulis
2012: N/A
2011: Dr. Josee Lavoie, Dr. Judith Lapadat
2010: Dr. Henry Harder, Dr. Andrew Kitchenham
2009: Dr. Fiona MacPhail, Dr. Paul Bowles
2008: Dr. Ken Prkachin, Dr. Martha MacLeod