Internal Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Innovation administers a number of internal grants for which UNBC researchers are eligible to apply. Each grant competition has its own set of guidelines and either a downloadable application form or a link to the Romeo Research Portal for on-line applications. Competitions that have only the Romeo link must be applied for through the portal. For "How-to" Manuals please see our Romeo support webpage

Important: Romeo accounts have already been created for existing faculty and registration notifications were sent in January of 2017.  If you need a new notification please email For new faculty members please contact to have your account set up.

(*For grants where students are eligible to apply, but the application must be completed and submitted through Romeo (e.g. BC Real Estate Foundation Partnering Fund), a supervisor must submit the application in the Romeo Research Portal).

Please Note: A review of your application is available if submitted through Romeo two weeks prior to the application deadline with a review request made to  

In order to ensure that applications received are representative of UNBC’s diverse research community, the Office of Research and Innovation invites and encourages people from underrepresented groups (Indigenous, visible minorities, diversely-abled, women, LGBTQ2S+) to apply for the programs listed below. We recognize the additional burden placed on everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, but especially, and often disproportionately, on people from the four designated + groups.

Funding opportunities for faculty

UNBC Community Connections Seed Funding Grant

This seed grant program, developed through a collaborative effort between UNBC and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), is intended to support research projects that will generate knowledge and relationships that in turn accelerate initiatives with direct benefits to our communities and the North, advance knowledge exchange, translation, and user-driven science, and increase UNBC's capacity for solutions-oriented research in climate, environment and sustainability. 

Deadline: TBD

BC Real Estate Foundation Partnering Fund

The goal of the Foundation Partnering Fund is to support research and educational programs, following objectives specified in the competition application form. Initiatives should involve collaboration among university entities and public, non-profit and/or professional organizations. For eligibility requirements, please review the guidelines.  Supervisors must submit the application via Romeo.

Deadline: April 15

RDC Research Award

The Office of Research and Innovation and Research Data Centre (RDC) have developed the RDC Research Award to support the development and implementation of research projects conducted in the RDC. Eligible faculty researchers must complete the UNBC RDC Research Award application form in Romeo to apply. As well, researchers must set up a consultation with the RDC Analyst, Larine Sluggett ( at least one week prior to the application deadline. Please note that RDC hours are limited, so plan ahead accordingly. Please also note that the guidelines have been updated as of March 2024.

Deadline: April 19, 2024

Research Strategic Initiatives Grant (RSIG)

The Research Strategic Initiatives Grant (RSIG) welcomes requests from all UNBC faculty, research organizations, graduate and undergraduate student groups engaged in research. Funds are directed toward research activities for which other sources of funding are not available.

Deadlines: Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1 and Oct 1.

Research Grant in Lieu of Salary

For faculty.

University Excellence in Research Award

For faculty.

Funding opportunities for students

Graduate student opportunities:

Research Strategic Initiatives Grant (formerly the Graduate Student Research and Conference Travel Award)

Graduate students who are seeking funds to cover costs of travel for the purposes of research or to attend and present at a conference should work with their graduate supervisor to submit a Research Strategic Initiatives Grant (RSIG) application. The application must be submitted by a UNBC faculty member. 

Deadlines: Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1 and Oct 1. 

Research Project Awards

The Office of Research and Innovation is embarking on a review of the RPA program in response to feedback from the research community on how we fund students. 

Undergraduate student opportunities:

International Student Research Award

The UNBC International Student Research Award (ISRA) is designed to support international undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers in research, by gaining research work experience. 

Deadline: February 23

Research Project Awards

The Office of Research and Innovation is embarking on a review of the RPA program in response to feedback from the research community on how we fund students. 

Undergraduate Research Experience Award

The Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) program is offered to provide opportunities for UNBC’s undergraduates to be involved in research and scholarly activities. It is also intended to provide encouragement for faculty members to mentor UNBC undergraduate students in their areas of research. Faculty members are encouraged to approach undergraduate students who would not otherwise have access to research opportunities and invite them to co-apply for the UNBC URE award.

Deadline: November 15