Mitzchilouise Baylosis, Undergraduate research student with Dr. Lisa Wood

"I know many people have already said these words to you, as you are the foundation of all things possible for us here at the university, but I would still like to express my gratitude.Thank you, NALS, for helping us these past few months with the Katani project...also well known as my second marriage. Thank you for lending us your equipment and chemicals, for giving us advice, and for your support. Thank you for being patient with us and for your understanding and for your encouragement. Thank you for helping me and Dr. Wood make the Katani hempseed project into a reality.”

Chalan Ozmen from NPower CleanTech

"The NALS team performed several analytical tests for our nutrient adsorbent and built filter prototypes and evaluated their environmental performance with real-waste streams at both the lab & the field (real-world) over a year-long project. We were very impressed with their expertise in this area and the accuracy of the results that were provided in multiple reports. We plan to continue working with them on new projects and highly recommend their service to anyone in need."


Keven Jakiela from Just Vertical

"It was a pleasure to work with the entire NALS team during our NSERC research project timeframe. We had some very in-depth and detailed conversations on the intricacies of the project, and best practices to form the best path for success. All of the team members were very engaged, detail-oriented and passionate about the research project. They all understood the importance and value to Just Vertical. We have plans moving forward to begin a second project, essentially the second part of this project, and to continue the working relationship between Just Vertical and the NALS team."