Future Facing Assessments: Using Generative AI Technologies in Assessment Design

Monday, November 20, 2023 - 9:00am to Friday, November 24, 2023 - 2:00pm

Tools like ChatGPT have disrupted formal assessments and caused concern among educators in post-secondary institutions. While many are approaching the topic with a policing lens, many suggest generative AI technologies are here to stay, and instructors should help learners work properly with this technology.  

In this workshop you will explore ways to incorporate generative AI tools into assignments. Give learners the option to use generative AI, teach them how to use it responsibly, and help them develop critical thinking, digital literacy, and creative skills.  

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Articulate concerns and opportunities for generative technologies in student work. 
  • Understand the impact of generative technologies on learner assessments. 
  • Design assessment strategies that incorporate generative technologies. 
  • Design engaging alternative assessment strategies. 
  • Design feedback using generative technologies. 

This self-enrol, mostly asynchronous workshop run will run Monday, November 20 – Friday, November 24.   

It will consist of: 

  • 5 days of asynchronous, online activities 
  • 1 90-minute synchronous Zoom session to re-cap and discuss the key topics covered during the week  

Contact Information

Unable to self-enrol?  Contact ctlt@unbc.ca and we'll ensure you have access.

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