UNBC Global Friday Speakers Series

Global Fridays LogoGlobal Fridays started in the Fall semester 2006. It serves as a forum for faculty and students interested in all things ‘global’. It brings internationally renowned speakers to UNBC to talk on their research and provides an opportunity for UNBC faculty to share their research findings. International speakers have included: Walden Bello (University of the Philippines), Boris Kagarlitsky (Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, Moscow), Pun Ngai (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Jose Pablo Baraybar (President, Latin American Association of Forensic Anthropologists).

Meeting six to eight times a semester, it is open to all and covers a wide range of topics and disciplines.

Global Fridays meets  from noon – 1.30 pm. Join us for some new perspectives on global processes. From September 2023, Global Fridays will be run by a team consisting of:

Dr. Gabrielle Daoust (Global and International Studies)
Dr. Sara Farhan (History)
Dr. Max Hamon (History)
Dr. Luna KC (Global and International Studies)
Dr. Fiona MacDonald (Political Science)
Dr. Heather Smith (Global and International Studies)
Dr. Gary Wilson (Political Science)

If you have suggestions for speakers, please let any one of them know.

Winter 2024 Global Friday Speaker Series Presents

January 19th - Dr. Vaibhav Saria (Assistant Professor, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, Simon Fraser University) - Global health, Death, and the Moral Work of the Doctor in India
January 26th - Dr. Davide Panagia (Professor and Chair, Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles) - After Free Speech: #datapolitik and the Failures of Liberalism
February 2nd - Dr. Emmanuel Chilanga (Assistant Professor, Social Work, UNBC) - Accessibility of Sanitary Facilities Among Food Sellers in African Secondary Cities: Implications for Food Safety and Urban Planning Policies
March 1st - Dr. Nick Dorzweiler (Senior Professor, Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies, Wheaton College) - “Human Nature in Action”: Harold Lasswell, NBC Radio, and the Psychotherapy Program for the American Masses
March 8th - Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana (Co-found and Action Director: Consortium for Intersectional Justice; Commissioner: O’Neill-LANCET Commission on Structural Racism in Global Health) - Decolonial Feminist Worldmaking in the Age of Fascism
March 15th - Dr. Paulo Ravecca (Assistant Professor, Political Science, Saint Mary's University) - TBA
March 22nd - Dr. Jenanne Ferguson (Associate Professor, Anthropology, Economics and Political Science, MacEwan University) - The City as a New Language Stronghold? Sakha Language Practices in Yakutsk in the 2020s
April 5th - Dr. Pedro Monaville (Associate Professor, History, McGill University) - Student Power, Decolonization, and Worldmaking 

Fall 2023 Global Friday Speaker Series Presents

September 22nd - Dr. Max Hammon (Assistant Professor, History, UNBC): Metis in the Margins?: Louis Riel, Montreal and Colonial Education
September 27th - Dr. Imre Szeman (FISSSH Visiting Research Professor): Philanthrocapitalists, Entrepreneurs, and Renewable Societies; or, How Bill Gates Sees Energy Transition
October 13th - Dr. Luna KC (Assistant Professor, Global and International Studies, UNBC): Does War Transform Gender Roles and Gender Equality Agenda? Women’s Mobilization in Armed Conflict 
October 27th - Dr. Jeanette Ashe (Chair, Department of Political Science, Douglas College): 'Hybrid Parliaments as Gender and Diversity Sensitive Parliaments' 
November 3rd - Dr. Alda Benjamen (Assistant Professor, History, University of Dayton): Book Talk: Assyrians in Modern Iraq: Negotiating Political and Cultural Change
November 15th - Dr. Paul Bowles (Professor, Global and International Studies UNBC): Around Parts of the World in 43 Years
A joint talk with the FISSSH Professorial Lecture Series
November 24th - Kim Richard Nossal (Professor Emeritus, Queen's University): Canada Alone? The Enduring Challenge of America First
December 1st - Dr. Noa Shaindlinger (Assistant Professor, History, Worcester State University): Exile and the Burden of the Future: The Politics of Hope in Palestine

Upcoming Events

  • Global Friday Advertising Poster
    Date: Friday, March 1, 2024 - 12:00 to 13:30
    Location: Room 7-152
    Campus: Prince George
    Global Friday Presents
    Dr. Nick Dorzweiler
    Senior Professor, Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies
    Wheaton College
    Abstract: In 1939 and 1940, the renowned American political scientist Harold Lasswell wrote and hosted over forty episodes of a radio show, Human Nature in Action, for the National Broadcasting Corporation.  According to Lasswell and NBC, HNA was intended to prevent unrest in the United States by adjusting listeners to the insecurities of modern life, characterized as it was by economic depression, the spread of illiberal ideologies both domestically and internationally, and the rapid proliferation of new forms of mass communication.  If not mitigated, Lasswell feared that Americans’ rising anxieties risked spilling over into public life in unpredictable and destructive ways, ranging from individual expressions of sociopathy to revolutionary uprising akin to those recently experienced in Europe.  In uncovering the archives of the show, my project not only explains why one of the most famous political scientists of the mid-twentieth century believed the American public needed to be subjected to a program of mass psychotherapy, and why the nation’s largest broadcaster agreed to support it.  It also invites reconsideration of the ways in which much popular political commentary today – even when it represents diverse ideological perspectives – remains attached to Lasswellian narratives of mental insecurity as incompatible with a “healthy” democratic polity.
    Speaker's Bio: Nick Dorzweiler is a Senior Professor of the Practice of Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies at Wheaton College (Massachusetts), and a Lecturer in the Chicago Field Studies program at Northwestern University. His research interests include contemporary political theory, the history and philosophy of social science, and critical and feminist pedagogy. His scholarship has appeared in Contemporary Political Theory, New Political Science, Constellations, Polity, and the History of the Human Sciences.  He also has contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book, Feministing in Political Science, co-edited by Professor Fiona MacDonald.  His current book project, which has been generously supported by two Project Development Grants (2021-2022, 2023-2024) from the American Council of Learned Societies, investigates the work of the mid-twentieth-century political scientist Harold Lasswell and his creation of a mass psychotherapy radio program for the National Broadcasting Corporation in 1939-1940.

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