Transfer Student Admission Requirements

Transfer Credit Pathways & Agreements

However, if a transfer agreement for your degree program does not exist, we suggest talking to your UNBC Academic Advisor, once you become a UNBC student, to figure out what your path will look like. If you have questions before you apply, contact the UNBC Student Recruitment team at 250-960-6306 or

Admission Requirements

To apply for admission as a transfer student, students must have a minimum of 15 credit hours of acceptable transfer course work, be in good academic standing and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (on a 4.33 GPA scale).

  • Transfer students will be required to complete all degree requirements within the program they plan to complete at UNBC. Find out more information on your program.
  • Any applicant who has been required to withdraw or has been placed on academic probation by the transferring institution:
    • must wait for three full semesters before being admissible to UNBC, and
    • must outline any work completed or experience gained which would better qualify them to successfully complete work at UNBC
  • No transfer credit will be awarded for any course with a grade of less than 0.67 or D- (50-52.9%).
  • Transfer credit normally will not be awarded for courses completed in excess of ten academic years prior to the date of first UNBC registration.
  • Students must declare all previously attended post-secondary institutions. Once you’ve applied, email with unofficial high school and post-secondary transcripts, as well as supporting documents (if applicable). Mail official post-secondary transcripts and supporting documents.
  • If a student’s first language is not English, they will be required to meet UNBC’s English language requirements (please email with proof of English language proficiency, official documents may be required).

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit will be examined once admissions has received a paid application and transcript. Use the Transfer Credit Summary you receive with your admission to UNBC to determine what UNBC courses you need to complete your degree program. Feel free to contact your Academic Advisor at (250) 960-6306 or for help with this process!

If you see unspecified or no credit on your Transfer Credit Summary for a class you believe you should be receiving specific credit for, send course outlines/syllabi to your Academic Advisor for review.

If you are transferring from a BC public post-secondary institution you can visit the BC Transfer guide for an idea of what may transfer.