Program Majors

Alpine change monitoring in Mt. Robson Provincial ParkWildland Conservation and Recreation

The major in Wildland Conservation and Recreation (a revised version of the existing BSc NRM Outdoor Recreation and Conservation) focuses on portions of the landscape where conservation values, including recreation and aesthetic values, are the priority land use activities, and where these activities intersect with other values, priorities, and uses.  Topics include the promotion of and advocacy for conservation, integrated management of legally designated parks and protected areas, conservation area design, as well as human activities across those areas, including recreation, ecotourism and the associated positive and negative impacts on ecological integrity.  You will develop the skills necessary to identify, plan, monitor, and manage conservation values within the parks, recreation, and tourism sectors.

Curriculum Requirements

Tagging endangered White Bark PineLandscape Conservation and Management

The major in Landscape Conservation and Management focuses on natural and human-modified systems across broad spatial scales. The emphasis in this major will be on integrated landscapes that support a wide variety of values and activities including the maintenance of biodiversity, the rights and practices of Indigenous People, ecosystem services, and resource extraction. Courses in this major will consider human activities across a range of ecological scales but with an emphasis on landscape and ecosystem-level processes. Graduates from the major will have the skills to work with cutting-edge tools and data that are necessary for the planning and management of multiple values across space and time.

Curriculum Requirements