Thesis Defence - Heather Mitchell

Monday, July 6, 2020 - 1:00pm
Remote - Via Zoom
Prince George

The Office of Graduate Programs is pleased to announce that Heather Mitchell will be defending their thesis entitled “Transportation Solutions for Small Northern Communities: Cycle Commuters’ Satisfaction with the Built and Social Cycling Environments” as a candidate for the degree Master of Arts in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies. We encourage you to view the defence online. The details on the defence and how to join are included below.

DATE:  July 6, 2020

TIME:  1:00 PM


Meeting ID: 926 7874 9393

Password: 817014

To ensure the defence proceeds with no interruptions, please mute your audio and video on entry and do not share your screen inadvertently. The meeting will be locked to entry 5 minutes after it begins, ensure you are on time.

ABSTRACT: Climate change is forcing northern cities to reconsider how people move about in a manner that is safe, reliable, resilient, inclusive, and low-carbon. Despite the growing knowledge of cycle planning and infrastructure for winter cities around the world, there is little cycling studies for small rural winter cycling cities. How have cyclists experienced northern cycling initiatives addressed to increase active travel in their home communities? The literature available currently on both small and large cycling cities studies overlooks the aspect of cyclist trip satisfaction and motivations for cycling. This study aims to (1) determine the winter cycling policies for small rural northern cycling communities in Canada, (2) determine the trip satisfaction and motivation of cyclists in 3 case study communities in both summer and winter months, and (3) better understand the cultural nuances and geographical characteristics of theses communities that foster a positive cycling environment.

Contact Information

Angela Seguin, Office of Graduate Programs

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