Graduate Semester Dates

Academic Year

The academic year extends from September 1 to August 31. Each 12-month academic year is composed of the following semesters:

  • September Semester - September to December
  • January Semester - January to April
  • May Semester - May to August

2020 - 2021 UNBC Holidays/Closures

Labour Day Mon 7 September Good Friday
Fri 2 April
Thanksgiving Day Mon 12 October Easter Sunday Sun 4 April
Remembrance Day Wed 11 November Easter Monday Mon 5 April
Winter Break Thurs 24 December - Fri 1 January Victoria Day Mon 24 May
Family Day Mon 15 February Maintenance Shutdown Sat 19 June
Mid-Semester Break Tues 16 - Fri 19 February Canada Day Thurs 1 July
BC Day Mon 2 August

2020 September, 2021 January*, and 2021 May Semester Academic Dates

2020 September 2021 January
2021 May
Orientation Day Tues 8 September
First Day of Classes Wed 9 September Mon 11 January Mon 10 May
Fees Due Wed 9 September Mon 11 January Mon 10 May
Add/Drop Date Wed 23 September Tues 26 January Tues 25 May
Withdrawal Date Thurs 29 October Wed 3 March Tues 29 June
Last Day of Classes Mon 7 December Mon 19 April Fri 20 August
First Day of Exams Tues 8 December Thurs 22 April Mon 23 August
Last Day of Exams Fri 18 December Fri 30 April Fri 27 August
*As per Senate motions S-202012.02 and S-202012.03: 

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic that Senate approves the exceptional delay to the start of the January 2021 Academic Term until January 11th from January 4th, 2021. Further, approves the change in the Last Day of Classes from April 12th, 2021 to April 19th, 2021 and authorizes the Registrar to adjust the 2021 Semester Dates in the 2020-2021 UNBC Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Calendars to give effect to these changes;

Furthermore, in the current, limited and exceptional circumstances, Senate further authorizes the Deans, in consultation with Program Chairs and the Registrar to exercise discretion in approving minimal and reasonable exceptions, adjustments and interpretations of Academic Regulations and Policies in the Calendars that allow for students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to complete January 2021 credits in a timely manner, while maintaining academic integrity.

Please note the following programs start on January 5th, 2021: Master of Education (Multidisciplinary Leadership and Counselling), Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Social Work.

2021 Spring and Summer Intersession Academic Dates

Intersession 2021 Spring 2021 Summer
First Day of Classes Mon 10 May Mon 12 July
Fees Due Mon 10 May Mon 10 May
Add/Drop Date Fri 14 May Fri 16 July
Last Day of Classes Fri 18 June Fri 20 August
First Day of Exams Mon 21 June Mon 23 August
Last Day of Exams Fri 25 June Fri 27 August

2020 - 2021 Application for Graduation and Convocation Dates

Application Deadline for September Semester Graduation Sun 1 November
Application Deadline for January Semester Graduation Sun 1 March
Application Deadline for May Semester Graduation Thurs 15 July
Convocation Day (Prince George Campus) Fri 28 May

2020 - 2021 Senate Dates

23 Sept 2020 28 Oct 2020 25 Nov 2020 27 Jan 2021 24 Feb 2021
24 Mar 2021 28 Apr 2021 26 May 2021 23 Jun 2021 25 Aug 2021
For more detailed information on Academic Dates & Deadlines, please see the following documents:

Academic Dates and Deadlines Through August 2025

updated: January 29, 2021