Walking this Path Together - The Rising Tide: Matriarchs Rise, We Rise

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Zoom video conference


The significant role of women in Indigenous community structures has existed in various expressions since time immemorial. Women have always been life-givers, leaders, guides, knowledge keepers, healers, and the bearers/protectors of culture for generations. This way of matrilineal being was challenged by settlers determined to insist on male dominance through targeted efforts to dismantle the position of Indigenous Women and ultimately, the gender-specific roles of both men and women within Indigenous societies. These early impositions became legislated and formalized through the Indian Act as membership and identity became determined by one’s proximity to a First Nations man in their life. Traditional, and matrilineally-orientated, governance systems were forced out or went underground. We continue to see the impacts of targeted legislation today through challenges in defining identity and reclamation of space for Indigenous Women. In this presentation, I will illustrate traditional matriarchy and the modern-day rising tide of Nations returning to a position of holding Women up so they may take their rightful place in community and take back the sacred space of matriarchy. This includes, Politics, Leadership, Education, Community, and Health sectors, to name a few. Together we will unpack the meaning behind this shift of gender roles and how we can hold space together and allow this to happen. 


'Niit, Hadiksm Gaax di waayu. I am a Tsimshian woman with Matrilineal ties to Gitxaala. My family belongs to the Ganhada (Raven Clan) and in our community we follow our Mothers. I came to Lheidli T'enneh in 2005 to finish a degree in psychology and I fell in love with the territory. I remain here as a humble visitor where I work, play and now raise my children.

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