Echoes of Disablement: Embodied Experience as Scholarly Praxis

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Friday, January 27, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
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Dr. Nicole Lee Schroeder
Postdoctoral Fellow
Kean University
Abstract: Disability Studies scholar Tobin Siebers writes, "the experiences of contemporary minority people, once brought to light, resound backward in history, like a reverse echo effect, to comment on the experiences of past minority peoples." When it comes to analyzing the history of disability, who in the academy is beginning this reverse echo effect? Who is tracing the reverberations and resonances of these calls? Rarely, if ever, are disabled scholars granted the platform or stability to begin this process. In this talk, I'll explore my own embodied experiences of disability as a practical tool for my research. I'll discuss the importance of disability representation and culture in academia at large. Together, we'll consider the barriers inherent to the academy that prevent disabled scholars from building community, establishing security, and revolutionizing our respective fields of study.
Speaker's Bio: Dr. Nicole Lee Schroeder has spent the past ten years in higher education working in the fields of history and disability studies.
Apart from their studies, they has also worked as an editor, research assistant, and educator. Throughout their graduate studies, they have secured grant and fellowship funding to conduct research in archival repositories across the United States. They are passionate about communicating disability history to the public and proactive about integrating universal design modalities into their work.
Outside of their own research in disability history, they also work to expand disability rights and work to dismantle academic ableism. They have drafted policy guidelines, compiled resources on access and accessibility, and summarized best practices for accessible pedagogy.
You can read more about Dr. Schroeder's work on their website.
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