Master's Defence: Hadassah Abraham (MSc Health Sciences)

Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 9:00am to 11:00am

The Office of Graduate Administration is pleased to announce that Hadassah Abraham will be defending their thesis/dissertation entitled “INVESTIGATING DIFFERENCES IN CANCER INCIDENCE BETWEEN IMMIGRANTS AND NON-IMMIGRANTS: A POPULATION-BASED STUDY FROM 1992-2015 USING STATISTICS CANADA DATA” as a candidate for the degree Master of Science in Health Sciences. 

 You are encouraged to view the defence online. The details on the defence and how to join are included below:

DATE: 30 March, 2023

TIME: 9:00AM


Contact the Graduate Administration Office for more information and access to the zoom room. 

To ensure the defence proceeds with no interruptions, please mute your audio and video on entry and do not share your screen inadvertently. The meeting will be locked to entry 5 minutes after it begins, ensure you are on time.

ABSTRACT: Cancer continues to be a contributing factor to Canada’s healthcare burden and has large impacts on quality of life and survival. While Canada has a public healthcare system, there are different challenges faced by those born outside of the country, and it is important to study any disparities in cancer outcomes to offer more equitable solutions. The research performed for this thesis aimed to investigate the differences in cancer incidence between immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada. Using Statistics Canada data and linking of the 1991 Census, Canadian Cancer Registry, and Canadian Vital Statistics database, a cohort was followed from 1992-2015 to calculate the odds ratios and hazard ratios of cancer incidence for immigrants and non-immigrants. The results support previous research in the field, specifically the existence of a healthy immigrant effect where immigrants have lower odds of developing cancer incidence in comparison to their Canadian-born counterparts. Results also show this effect decreases over time spent in the country, aligning with previous research. This study demonstrates the complexity of this phenomenon and suggests some factors that contribute to the healthy immigrant effect after controlling for various demographic and socioeconomic factors in the regression models. These results contribute to this area of research and also encourages future studies to examine individual-level health behaviours and other factors that impact the differences in cancer incidence between immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada.


Chair: Dr. Erik Jensen, University of Northern British Columbia

The examining Committee Members are:

Supervisor: Dr. Robert Olson, University of Northern British Columbia

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Dezene Huber, University of Northern British Columbia

Committee Member: Dr. Larine Sluggett, University of Northern British Columbia

External Examiner: Dr. Sarah Baker, University of British Columbia; BC Cancer

Contact Information

Graduate Administration in the Office of the Registrar,
University of Northern British Columbia

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