Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

Sunday, March 24, 2024 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Prince George

The University of Northern British Columbia is delighted to serve as a regional host for the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest. This competition aims to engage and inspire youth in Grades 1-12 by presenting math challenges in a fun and enjoyable manner. Our goal is to foster a lasting interest in mathematics and encourage participants to further advance their skills in the subject. 

Registration for the 2024 Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest is now open. It closes March 3, 2024. It will be held both online and in-person on March 24, 2024. The regular fee is $17 and includes a free 60-minute training class if registered by February 25. The late fee is $25 from February 26 to the registration deadline on March 3.

Teachers can register students for the contest if their teacher accounts are connected to student accounts. Please refer to this video on how to link accounts and register. Note that the CMKC team must be able to email families directly, not through teachers, as the contest will be held outside school hours.

Discounts for bulk registrations will apply to teacher accounts automatically during check-out ($2 discount per student for 20 participants, $3 discount for 30, $4 for 40 and $5 discount per student for 50+ registrations). There will be no refunds/credits of contest fees under any circumstances.

Important: Since the online contest will be administered without official supervision, only regional awards (electronically generated certificates of excellence) will be given to online participants. Students writing the contest in-person will be eligible for national and regional awards.

Contact Information

Meagan Jago

Administrative Coordinator

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Email: or 

Phone: 250-960-5705

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