Graduate Students

Roger Wheate, Ph.D.
University of St. Andrews (Ph.D.)
Professor & GIS Coordinator

Graduate Students (Previous)
Roberta (Bobbi Jo) Lay
MNRES Candidate, UNBC
BA (Geography) 2002, UNBC
Thesis Project: Ungulate Habitat Potential by Greenness-enhanced Classification in North-eastern British Columbia 
The overall goal of my project is to provide seasonal vegetation data for current and future ungulate management research projects in the Besa-Prophet Pre-tenure Planning Area of the Muskwa-Kechika. I am currently investigating the use of multi-temporal Landsat TM and ETM+ imagery to detect changes in seasonal vegetation phenology using standardized principal component analysis and vegetation metrics (see also ). I am also working with David Gustine (Masters of Science Candidate, UNBC) to determine if changes in vegetation growth (that are a finer temporal scale than the captured imagery) can be predicted using vegetation type, terrain variables etc. Deliverables from this project include onset, peak and duration of vegetation growth by species. This information may be analyzed to help to explain or predict the movement of large mammal species found in the study area.

The Besa-Prophet is a unique and beautiful place. It is my sincere hope that the goals of balanced resource management and conservation can be met and that this area can exit as an example for future resource management endeavours.

See also:
Morgan Cranny

BSc in Biology from UNBC (1997)

Most recently I've worked as a forest tech for a consultant in PG, for DFO in Nanaimo (as a data tech), and for the McGregor Model Forest Association as a GIS tech.

I like GIS and remote sensing, wildlife biology, sports and computers.

Title of Research: A comparison of digital methods using Landsat Thematic Mapper data for approximating Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in north central British Columbia

Michael Mitchell

Personal Background: B.Sc. (Zoology/Geology) University of Alberta (1989)

Past Employment: I have worked in for Parks Canada in Jasper National Park since 1986 as an Information Attendant, Trail Office Attendant, GIS technician, and Trail Survey Coordinator. I worked for 10 years at the Columbia Icefield Visitor Centre before moving to the town of Jasper to work at various times, for the Warden Service and Trail Office.

Personal Interests: Anything to do with the Canadian Rockies National Parks and protected areas in general; the issues, outdoor pursuits, research, the people, history, my friends, and, of course, the lifestyle!!

Title of Research Thesis: Landscape heterogeneity and vegetation change in montane landscapes of Jasper National Park, Alberta (1949-1997).

John Paczkowsk

Bachelor of Science and Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario

I have been involved in large carnivore research, primarily grizzly bears, wolves and coyotes in the Canadian rocky mountains. Most recently was employed as a biologist in Banff before moving to Prince George.

Currently employed as the project leader on the Parsnip Grizzly Project, investigating habitat use and movements of 25 radio collared grizzly bears North East of Prince George.

My graduate research will involve grizzly bear habitat modelling, more specifically developing habitat maps from satellite images and incorporating bear telemetry data.