New RRN2 Report: Rural and Remote Nursing Practice: An Updated Documentary Analysis

May 27, 2014

 An Updated Documentary AnalysisA new RRN2 report has recently been released.  Rural and Remote Nursing Practice: An Updated Documentary Analysis is now available for download.

This report provides an update of a documentary analysis of relevant reports (grey literature, government documents) regarding rural and remote nursing practice. Our overall goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current policy environment and determine if, and how, it impacts nursing practice.

Some highlights from the report:

  • Recruitment and retention of health care professionals including nurses continues to be a challenge in rural and remote settings.
  • There has been a rise in financial supports such as loan forgiveness programs for individual nurses who wish to work in rural and remote settings.
  • Provision of care for Aboriginal peoples continues to need investment to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of Aboriginal nurses and that non-Aboriginal nurses’ care for this population within a cultural safety framework.
  • Evaluation of advanced practice in rural and remote settings in Canada is limited.