Graduate Students

Fredy Peccerelli

Catherine with Dr. W. George Lovell and Fredy Peccerelli at Queen's University Convocation when Fredy received an honorary Doctor of Science degree (Kingston, ON, April 2017). Photo by Alexandra Pedersen

Catherine Nolin, PhD
Professor & Chair

BA (University of Calgary), MA, PhD (Queen's University at Kingston, 2000)

T: 250-960-5875
O: New Lab Building 8-148

Twitter: @cnolin and @unbcgeography
Instagram: unbcgeography
Facebook: UNBC-Geography

Graduate Student Supervision

Interdisciplinary Studies (MA), Gender Studies (MA), and Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (MA NRES  Geography stream & PhD program)

Defence Celebrations

August 2019, Charlotte Connolly (left)

Charlotte Connolly

April 2017, Erica Henderson (left)

Erica Henderson

April 2018, Kirk Walker

Kirk Walker

 August 2018, Alexandra Pedersen

Alexandra Pedersen

June 2015, Md Abdur Rashid

Md Abdur Rashid

August 2014, JP Laplante

JP Laplante

January 2014, Giulliana Tamblyn

2014 Giulliana Tamblyn Defence

September 2013, Courtney LeBourdais

2013 Courtney LeBourdais Defence

April 2011, Alexandra Pedersen

Alexandra Pedersen

August 2010, Nathan Einbinder

Nathan Einbinder

Current Graduate Student Supervision & Postdoctoral Fellows

Stacey Pickering

Stacey Pickering

MA Interdisciplinary Studies student, September 2016 - present
BA Anthropology, UNBC '07

Thesis Topic: Syrian refugee settlement in northern British Columbia

Pickering, S. and C. Nolin (2017) Transnational connections: Could Canada’s private sponsorship program provide a model for successful refugee resettlement? in "Maintaining Refuge Series" Anthropology News website, June 16. doi: 10.1111/AN.488


Glen Thielmann

Glen Thielmann

PhD Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (Geography) student, September 2019 - present
M.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership, 2004, SFU, Burnaby, BC, 2004
B.A. Geography and English, UBC, Vancouver, BC, 1994

Dissertation Topic: Dead Reckoning the Curriculum: Problems of Practice related to Geography Education among K-12 educators

Book (lead author): Thielmann, G., with Lewis, R., Martin, J., Pereira, J., Truant., V. et al (2018). Thinking it Through: Social Studies Sourcebook. Toronto: Pearson.


Marieka Sax

Dr. Marieka Sax

SSHRC Postdoctoral Researcher, September 2019 - present
PhD in Anthropology (Carleton University, 2014)

Phone: 250-960-5650
Office: 8-144

Research Interests
Resource extraction; indigenous-settler relations; gender and intersectionality; rural livelihoods; traditional medicine; qualitative research methods; Peru; northern BC

Completed Graduate Student Supervision


Obum Achunike

Obumneme Achunike

MNRES Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (Geography) '20
BSc Geology & Mining, Enugu State University of Science & Technology, Enugu, Nigera, 1998

Thesis Social Impacts of Oil Extraction in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria


Charlotte Connolly

Charlotte Connolly

MA Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (Geography) '19
BA Peace, Conflict and Justice Program, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto '16

Thesis: Exporting Canada's Extractive's Approach to Development: The Nexus of Law, Violence and Development in the Case of Tahoe Resources Inc. in Guatemala


Alexandra Pedersen

Alexandra Pedersen

PhD Geography (Queen's University) '18 [co-supervision with Dr. W. George Lovell]
MA International Studies (International Developmnt stream), UNBC ' 11
BA International Development, University of Guelph ’09

Dissertation: ¡Somos La Puya! (We Are La Puya!): Community Resistance to Canadian Mining Company Operations in Guatemala

Pedersen, A.(2014). Landscapes of resistance: Community opposition to Canadian mining operations in Guatemala. Journal of Latin American Geography 13(1), 187-214. DOI: DOI: 10.1353/lag.2014.0018

Pedersen, A. (2014) Power, violence and mining in Guatemala: Non-violent resistance to Canada’s northern shadow. Revista: Harvard Review of Latin America, Winter.

Kirk Walker
Thesis Defence Practice Session with fellow graduate students

Kirk Walker

MA Interdisciplinary Studies '18
Diploma - Broadcast Communications (Television) '04 - BCIT,
BA Anthropology, UNBC '12

Thesis: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Landscape and Collective Memory in Post-Conflict Ayacucho, Peru:  Narratives and Photography of Survivors

Walker, K. (Director & Producer) and C. Nolin (Executive Producer) (2013) Documentary Film: Ayacucho: Studying Human Rights in Peru. 16 min. UNBC, Prince George, BC.


Erica Henderson

MA Interdisciplinary Studies '17
BA Anthropology, UNBC '11

Thesis: Seeking Justice in Guatemala: Dignifying the ‘Disappeared’ in a Context of Impunity

Henderson, E., C. Nolin, and F. Peccerelli (2014) Dignifying a Bare Life and Making Place through Exhumation: Cobán CREOMPAZ Former Military Garrison, Guatemala. Journal of Latin American Geography, 13 (2): 97-116. DOI: 10.1353/lag.2014.0027


Md Abdur Rashid

Md Abdur Rashid

MA International Studies (International Development) '15
Master of Social Science (MSS) in Sociology, National University of Bangladesh, 2000 & BA (Hons) in Sociology, Aligarh Muslim University, UP, India '99

Thesis: Gendered Violence in Gender-Based Development Projects: Conditional Cash Transfer Programs and Women’s ‘Empowerment’ and ‘Development’ in Bangladesh


JP Laplante

JP Laplante

MA Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (Geography) '14

Topic: La Voz del Pueblo: Maya Consultas and the Challenge of Self-Determination for Socially Responsible Investment in the Mining Sector

LaPlante, JP and C. Nolin (2014) Consultas and socially responsible investing in Guatemala: A case study examining Maya perspectives on the Indigenous right to free, prior and informed consent. Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal, 27 (3) March: 231-248. doi: 10.1080/08941920.2013.861554

(Ysler) Giulliana Tamblyn

MA International Studies (International Development stream), '14
BA Economics, National University of Piura, Peru, '96


Courtney LeBourdais

MA Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (Geography) '13
BA English, UNBC '08

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Nolin

Thesis: Narratives of Negotiation: Marriage Migration in Northern British Columbia


Hyae-Rim Roncin

MA International Studies (International Development)
Co-supervised with Dr. Fiona MacPhail

Thesis: The Meaning of Reconciliation and Development in Post-Genocide Rwanda

Cristian Silva

MA Interdisciplinary Studies (IDIS) '11
BA Anthropology, UNBC '07

Thesis: Exhuming Guatemala's Gender-Based Violence: Justice, Truth-Telling, and Rebuilding in a Post-Conflict Society

Alexandra Pedersen

MA International Studies (International Development) '11
BA International Development, University of Guelph ’09

Thesis: Amplifying Voices of Development: Insights from Indigenous Maya Leaders of El Quiché, Guatemala


Nathan Einbinder

MA Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (NRES), Geography '10
BSc Environmental Studies, Evergreen State College '02

Thesis: Dams, Displacement, and Perceptions of Development: A Case Study from Rio Negro, Guatemala

Click HERE for more details and links to Nate's published news articles & HERE for Nate's spring/summer 2009 fieldwork update

Einbinder, N. (2016). Dams, Development and Displacement in Perceptions from Rio Negro, Guatemala, Springer Briefs in Latin American Studies. New York: Springer.

Einbinder, N. (2014). Rio Negro survivors rebuild and face the state. NACLA Report On The Americas, 47(2), 14-18.

Einbinder, N. and C. Nolin (2012) No means no: Tsilhquot’in vs. Taseko Mines Ltd. Alternatives Journal, 38 (6), November/December, 52-57. Accessible Online at:

Einbinder, N. and C. Nolin (2010). Voices from the Edge: A Mayan community shares stories of its struggle to avoid forced eviction by a nickel mine. Cultural Survival Quarterly, 34 (3) Fall, 28-33.


Current Graduate Committees

Dave Stasiuk, PhD Geography, Kent State University (2014 - present), Supervisor: Dr. James Tyner

Completed Graduate Committees

Chris Turner, PhD NRES (Geography) '18 (Co-Supervisors: Drs. Gail Fondahl & Michael Murphy)
A Geography of Reconciliation: An Effective and Lawful Framework for Achieving Clarity of First Nations Territorial Jurisdiction in British Columbia

Ursula Kroetsch, MSW '18 (Supervisor: Heather Peters)
Human Trafficking in BC From 2000 to 2016:  Government Personnel and Front-Line Service Providers’ Observations

Carolyn Emon, MA Interdisciplinary Studies '16 (Supervisor: Dr. Neil Hanlon)
Human Trafficking: An Examination of Available Services and Support in Prince George, BC

Ariana McKay, MSc NRES (Environmental Science) '15 (Supervisor: Dr. Chris Johnson)
Identifying Effective Measures for Environmental Monitoring by Aboriginal Communities

Barbara Willmer, MA Interdisciplinary Studies '15 (Supervisor: Dr. Richard Lazenby)
A Study of Skeletal Trauma, Gender, and Testimonio Concerning the 1984 Massacre at Putis, Ayacucho, Peru

Som Pun, MNRES (Geography)'14 (Supervisor: Dr. Greg Halseth)
The Opportunities and Limitations of First Nations Forestry Agreements in British Columbia: Collective Experience of the Tl'azt'en Nation & the Future Need for Community-Based Resource Management & Decision-Making

Sheri Bishop, MSW (Social Work) '10 (Supervisor: Dr. Glen Schmidt)
Vicarious Traumatization: The Danger of the Unknown for Transition House Workers

Joanna Kafarowski, PhD NRES, UNBC '08 (Co-supervisors: Drs. Deborah Poff & Leslie King)
Inuit Women, Decision-making and Contaminants

Karen Heikkila, MA NRES Geography, UNBC '07 (Supervisor: Dr. Gail Fondahl)
Teaching through Toponomy: Using Indigenous Place-Names in Outdoor Science Camps

Seiko Watanabe, MA International Studies, UNBC '05 (Supervisor: Dr. Fiona MacPhail)
HIV/AIDS in Rural Botswana: Poverty, Gender Inequality, Marginalization, and Stigma