MBA Program Tuition and Fees

MBA program fees include course costs, most classroom materials, catering and events during class sessions. This does not include UNBC students fees, costs of textbooks, accommodation, or transportation.

In case of discrepancy, please refer to the Graduate Calendar.

Financial Assistance

The MBA Program is delivered in a format where working professionals can maintain their career while studying. StudentAidBC deems the program ineligible to receive provincial/federal student loan funding. As such, students are solely responsible to self-fund their MBA journey without the aid of government funding. Furthermore, there are currently no scholarships or bursaries available for MBA students.

It should be noted that many companies do offer employee education and development assistance. Those who are employed in the public sector may have access to funds through union membership or organizational education grants. If you have not already discussed your interest in the UNBC MBA program with your employer, you may find that they are willing to offer full or shared compensation for the program costs. 

Students have had success in working with their banking institutions to secure and engage in a loan program specifically designed for MBA and/or graduate students. Most of the larger banks (Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, etc.) offer this type of product.

Another option for those students with RRSPs is to enroll in the Life Long Learning Program. It may be a possibility to withdraw RRSP funds for the purpose of funding education without those funds being taxed as income.