Computing Facilities

Computers on Campus

There are a number of locations on campus where students can access computing equipment. Most machines have access to the campus network (and Internet).

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UNBC Network

The UNBC Network is a type OC 48 10MB/Sec Switch Network. We are a member of ORAN (Optical Regional Advanced Network) consortium. For more information please visit:

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HPC (High Performance Computing)

The High Performance Computing (HPC) lab at UNBC is a collaborative environment where compute intensive projects of all stripes are being developed. This lab features projects such as weather hindcasting, simulation of shocks, fluid dynamics, and distributed transaction processing. The HPC is linked to the UNBC high performance SGI Origin 3400 named after the mighty Fraser river. For more information about HPC please visit the following link:

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Library Facilities

The Geoffrey Weller Library at UNBC has an ever increasing collection of mathematics and computer science books and journals. Browsers should go into the Q and QA stack sections. Several journals are specifically for undergraduate students. The Computer Science department has subscriptions for:
  • Full electronic subscription to ACM and IEEE
  • Full set of the ACM journals and special interest group newsletters
  • Byte
  • IEEE Computer
  • IEEE Software
  • IEEE Trans on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  • IEEE Trans on Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • IEEE Trans on Software Engineering