EFL Laboratory Equipment

Computer Software/Hardware
Lab equipment
Growth Chambers
ESM Field Equipment
RRT/Camping Equipment
Other Amenities

Facilities and equipment described here are available on a rental basis. To request the use of space or equipment listed here, please complete the online Service Request Form.
For other equipment, please see the Central Equipment Laboratory.
Computer Software/Hardware
  • SlideWrite (graphics)
  • Systat (statistics)
  • Windias (scanning)
  • Windendro (scanning)
  • Hewlett Packard water shielded, root and shoot scanning system
  • Insight building controls system
  • WinRhizo
  • WinSeedle

Lab equipment available at the EFL:
  • Fumehood
  • Deionizer
  • 2 Glass Door Refrigerators (4 °C)
  • Upright laboratory Freezer (-20 °C)
  • Sterilizer / Autoclave
  • Biohazard containment cabinet / hood
  • Incubator for cell, bacterial or fungal cultures
  • Platform flask / shaker
  • Drying ovens (2)
  • Furnace for ashing samples (1200 °C)
  • Olympus Stereo microscopes (2) w/ fiber optic light sources (2) and CCD cameras for digital photography
  • Olympus Compound microscopes (2) with same accessories as stereo microscopes
  • Analytical and top loading balances
  • Hammermill / soil crusher for organic soils
  • Root washing station
  • Ventilated work area
  • Vortex Genie
  • Eppendorf repeat pipettor
  • VWR micropipettors
  • Video camera with light table and illuminated photography area
Growth Chambers
This room in the main UNBC Laboratory building contains 4 EGC growth chambers, one -20oC walk-in freezer and one 5oC walk-in refrigerator. All growth chambers are fully programmable.

ESM Field Equipment
bear spray
boat battery
boat motor, Johnson 4.0
boots, rubber
cart, metal
chainsaw, 286 Husqvarna
chainsaw, 36 Husqvarna
chainsaw chaps
clinometer (measure slope)
clipboards, covered w/ paper
compass w/ mirror
compass w/o mirror
compress bandage, 6"
current meter, Swoffer 2100
drag chain, 100m
drag chain, 50m
drill, cordless, Mikita
first aid kit
flagging tape, assorted
flags, assorted
freezer zip-bags
garbage bags, large, orange
garbage bags, small, kitchen
hand lens, 10 power, big
hand lens, 10 power, small
hand lens, 20 power, small
hand talley counter
hard hat, orange or yellow
hard hat, with ear and eye protection
hip chain boxes (measure distance)
hip chain rolls
snow sampler, Mount Rose
increment borer sharpening kit
increment borer, 12"
increment borer, 14"
increment borer, 16"
level, Abrey
level, automatic, Nikon
metre sticks
orienteering flags
pH meter, soil testing
plot cord, 3.99 m
plot cord, 5.64 m
prism pole, Chicago steel tape
prism, 4 baf
prism, 6 baf
prism, 8 baf
PVC soil corers
quadrat  racks, 25cm x 50cm
rain pants
ropes and pegs, assorted
safety glasses
safety vest (hi-viz)
sandwich bags
scale, spring, 20lb/10kg
scale, spring, 3oz/100g

scaling sticks
shovel, spade
shovel, square head
shovel, tree planting
surveyor's rod, fibreglass
survival kit
tape measure, 100m eslon
tape measure, 30m eslon
tape measure, 50m eslon
tape measure, carpenter's
tape measure, DBH (tree diameter)
tape measure, DBH, mini
tape measure, logger's
tie down straps
total station (measure angles)
total station prisms in orange bag
total station prisms, optima, new
total station tripod
tree planting bag
tree spray paint
waders, chest
waders, hip
waterproof field binders w/ veg. key & w.p. paper
waterproof field binders w/ waterproof paper
water pump, Honda WB15 
RRT/Camping Equipment
  • Aqua Container, 5 gal
  • Aqua Container, 7 gal
  • backpack frame
  • camp fuel bottle, MSR 975 mL
  • camp stove maintenance kit, MSR whisperlite
  • camp stove, Coleman, white gas
  • camp stove, MSR whisperlite, white gas
  • camping dishes, enamelware
  • camping lantern, Coleman Peak 1, white gas
  • camping lantern, kerosene
  • camping pots, cooking, large
  • camping pots, MSR 3L
  • camping pots, MSR nesting set
  • camping, coffee percolator
  • camping, pads for sleeping
  • canoe paddles
  • canoe, Grumman aluminum
  • cooler
  • generator, Honda ES6500C
  • personal flotation device (lifejacket)
  • rescue transport basket
  • rock climbing hardware: figure 8
  • rock climbing hardware: locking carabiners
  • rock climbing hardware: stichtplates
  • rock climbing harnesses
  • rock climbing helmets
  • rock climbing ropes, 60m
  • snowshoes
  • tarp, 10 x 12
  • tarp, 12 x 14
  • tarp, 18 x 24
  • tarp, 8 x 10
  • tarp, misc. size
  • tent, Eureka Alpine meadows 4
  • water bottle, Nalgene, 1L
  • water filter cartridge, MSR, ceramic
  • water filter, MSR, ceramic
  • water jugs, plastic, collapsible
Other Amenities  
  • Soil mixer
  • Soil pasteuriser
  • Allegro hand held ruggedized field computer / polycorder
  • LiCor environmental monitoring station (datalogger, light sensors, wind speed/direction gauge, tipping bucket rain gauge and environmental housing)
  • Portable environmental Hobo dataloggers with BoxCar Pro download software
  • LiCor portable PAR/quantum meter with sensors
  • Campbell Scientific moisture meter
  • LiCor Gashound CO2 controller / analyzer
  • Plant Moisture Stress (PMS) console (also known as a pressure bomb)
  • CO2 generators
  • Ozone generators
  • Hydroponic growing trays/troughs, fertilizers and illumination systems
  • Variety of styroblock and plastic nursery pots