Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal Program for Inclusion, Democracy and Reconciliation

February 1, 2024

The Lieutenant Governor's medal program is a prestigious recognition of graduating undergraduate students for outstanding contributions in support of Inclusion, Democracy and/or Reconciliation.


The Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal was created to recognize graduating undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding contributions in support of inclusion, democracy and/or reconciliation on campus or in their communities during their post-secondary education.

Consideration may also be given to graduating undergraduate students who have overcome significant personal challenges and/or may be members of historically disadvantaged groups that face sociocultural barriers to full participation in B.C. society.

Undergraduate students who will be graduating in May are eligible to apply.  The successful candidate will be presented with a commemorative medal at Convocation.


Graduating undergraduate students must meet one or more of the three award criteria below:

Diversity and Inclusion: This award recognizes students who have promoted diversity and inclusion. Students must demonstrate strong collaboration and unifying efforts, through the promotion and display of tolerance and respect for others.

Democracy and Leadership: This award recognizes students who have strengthened democracy through civic engagement or the advancement of human rights and dignity of all persons at a local, national, or global level.

Reconciliation: In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada urgently called on Canadians to take action to transform society by establishing a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples. This award recognizes students who have answered this call to reconciliation and are undertaking efforts to heal their communities.


Please see: Guidelines, Application Form, and Reference Form

Complete applications should be submitted to UNBC Awards & Financial Aid via by the deadline below and include: Application Form, Personal Statement, and Two (2) Reference Forms*.

*Referees can provide Reference Form to the student to submit as one package, or can email it directly to

Deadline for complete applications is by:  4:00 pm (PST) on April 1, 2024. 

Contact Information

For questions contact the UNBC Awards & Financial Aid unit via