Fall 2022  Awards competition opens on September 15, 2022.  

This competition is available to new and continuing graduate and undergraduate students and includes newly established awards and any other awards that are currently still available for the 2022/2023 academic year.  To be considered, submit your application via on-line student services on or before October 15, 2022.  Only currently registered students are eligible to apply.

2023/2024 Academic Year:   

Award applications for the 2023/2024 academic year will open on October 15 and close April 1.

Students applying for admission to September 2023 semester entry

Incoming/new undergraduate students* (students with less than 18 UNBC credit hours or less than 18 transfer credits) must wait until they have an offer of admission from UNBC in order to permit them access to use the online UNBC awards application via their MyUNBC portal.

* Incoming/new graduate/doctoral students who receive an offer of admission can apply using the online UNBC Awards application. 

Continuing and in-course undergraduate and graduate students

UNBC students already in-course (i.e. students continuing in their undergraduate, graduate/doctoral programs) are able to apply using the myUNBC Student Online Services portal. Under Awards and Financial Aid you will find the Award Application. Choose the appropriate award category and click the Apply link.

  • Undergraduate students
    • Choose in-course awards (students who have at least 18 UNBC credit hours or  at least 18 transfer credits) and general awards.
  • Graduate/doctoral students
    • Choose graduate awards (master's / PhD) and general awards.

For other funding ideas, view the non-UNBC awards for external award search engines. Also review the 'News' tab under the left menu on this webpage for a snapshot of external awards with deadlines coming up. 

Other prestigious award information for graduate applicants/students

For graduate students/applicants (master's and PhD) review the Graduate Entrance Research Scholarship (GERS) information and British Columbia Graduate Scholarships Program (BCGSP) information on the Graduate awards webpage.You may also want to check out the Office of Research and Innovation internal/external award competitions and teaching assistantship career opportunities.

UNBC awards

Non-UNBC awards