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The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), Northern Health (NH) and University of Northern BC (UNBC) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding on November 12, 2013 to collaborate in establishing a mutually beneficial research partnership for northern BC. The UNBC Health Research Institute (HRI) serves as the Secretariat to support PHSA, NH and UNBC in their commitment to enhance research collaboration between the three organizations.

This partnership is guided by the following principles:

  1. Addressing the needs and realities of northern British Columbia in the overall context of British Columbia through respectful engagement and attending to the issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion 
  2. A research-based collaborative relationship for the purposes of improving the quality of health services and improving the health of the population.   
  3. Mutual respect and acknowledgement of the skills and expertise each organization brings to the partnership.
  4. Builds capacity for partnered research and leaves a legacy of capacity across all three organizations.   
  5. Builds sustainable research capacity in the North, for the North.
  6. Creates a culture of learning.
  7. Open and transparent communication between the Partners. 

Collaboration for Health Research In Northern BC Project Grant Program

The goal of the Project Grant Program is to enable collaborators from UNBC, NH, and PHSA to work in partnership and initiate new research projects that focus on improving the quality of health services and the health of the population in Northern BC. 

Celebrating the Collaboration for Health Research in Northern BC Seed Grant Presentation and Panel Discussion

During the 2023 Northern Research & Quality Conference, a panel discussion to celebrate the success of the Seed Grant Program was held. Click the link to watch the recordings!