Spotlight: Medical Doctor

Advanced (more than 4 years)

Learn more about the medical profession.

A medical doctor is a health professional who diagnoses and treats illness through medical care. Doctors provide a range of care across different specialties, including family medicine, surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry and many more.


The pathway to becoming a licensed doctor takes at least 9 years. Individuals must first complete at least 90 credits of an undergraduate bachelor program prior to entering a four-year medical degree (MD) program. This is then followed by two to five years of residency training (depending on specialty).

For B.C. program information, visit:

University of British Columbia (UBC)
The MD degree program in B.C. is run through UBC, which offers several distributed training sites (in partnership with local post-secondary institutions) across the province. 

Note:  All applications for admission are submitted directly through UBC's Faculty of Medicine.