UNBC, UNBCFA ratify collective agreement

UNBC Faculty Association
July 14, 2023

The UNBC Faculty Association and the University of Northern British Columbia are pleased to announce the successful ratification of a new collective agreement.

This agreement, aligned with the Province's Shared Recovery Mandate and the mandate given to the UNBC-FA by its members, marks an important milestone in the ongoing commitment to fostering positive labour relations and collaboration. Importantly, this agreement was reached before the expiration of the previous agreement, demonstrating the commitment of both parties to timely resolution and ensuring continuity for the UNBC community.

This agreement reaffirms the positive direction of labour relations at UNBC, underscoring our dedication to building a cooperative relationship between the University and the Faculty Association.

Both parties extend our appreciation to the bargaining teams from both the UNBC-FA and the University for their dedication and efforts throughout the negotiation process. Their commitment to their colleagues, the UNBC community, and the overall success of our institution has been unwavering.