Spotlight: Jenna Smith-Forrester, Rising Star 2018

December 12, 2018

Jenna Smith-Forrester, a student in the NMP’s Class of 2019, received this year’s Rising Star of Health Service Award at the Dr. Bob Ewert Memorial Dinner and Lecture in April.

Rising Star 2018The award is presented annually by the Northern Medical Programs Trust.

Photo: Jenna Smith-Forrester (right) with NMP associate professor Dr. Jacqui Pettersen.

Jenna has served in various NMP class leadership roles. She has also actively pursued ongoing work in the area of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (QI).

“It is her extensive leadership in the area of QI that truly makes Jenna a Rising Star,” said Dr. Sarah Gray, NMP Assistant Dean. “Her various roles, presentations and awards in this field are numerous.

“Most significantly, she has served as the President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School UBC since 2015, leading the planning and execution of all IHI events in this time. She also received the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Leadership Award!”

Learn more about Jenna and her initiatives: