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Supporting Intersex People

UNBC School of Nursing Associate Professor Dr. Caroline Sanders recently drew together a group to present a B.C. Women’s Hospital Research Rounds event titled, “Celebrating Intersex People and Recognizing the Unique Challenges They Face in Society.”

The group included intersex individuals and research teams from across Canada and the United Kingdom. The session’s learning objectives included discussing how a trauma-informed and culturally safe narrative can support work with intersex individuals, parents of intersex children, intersex peer support groups and advocacy groups.

Dr. Sanders’ international research focuses on health-care transition for individuals living with intersex traits and engagement experiences for the individuals and their families. She shared her expertise in a feature article in the National Post on November 8, 2023.

Ice core samples

UNBC researchers, including Faculty of Environment Professor Dr. Brian Menounos, were part of an international team of researchers collecting ice core samples from Combatant Col near Mount Waddington during the summer of 2023. In a three-part written series plus a podcast episode, the Globe and Mail spoke with Menounos and other researchers about the expedition and what they hope to learn from the ice core samples. 
Part 1: Unearthing climate history frozen in time
Part 2: As B.C.’s glaciers disappear, scientists race to capture data from ice cores
Part 3: Back in the lab, glaciologists search for clues of B.C.'s climate past
Podcast episode: How climate change clues are frozen in glaciers
Globe and Mail - Posted Nov. 5, 12 and 19, 2023

Resilient forests

Dr. Che Elkin is researching ways to make B.C.'s forests more resilient as the climate changes. He spoke with the Vancouver Sun about his research underway at the John Prince Research Forest.
Vancouver Sun - Posted Oct. 31, 2023

Melting glaciers

How fast are B.C. glaciers melting? Faculty of Environment Professor Dr. Brian Menounos speaks with CBC The National and CBC Vancouver. 
CBC News - Posted Oct. 5, 2023

New nursing program

UNBC addresses shortage of nurses with accelerated nursing program in Prince George
CBC News - Posted Aug 22, 2023