Clinical Faculty

Clinical Skills Assistants (CSA)

Become a Clinical Skills Assistant with the MPT-N program! 

Clinical Skills Assistants (CSA) play an important role in the development of the clinical skills of students who are the future leaders of our profession. In the UBC Master of Physical Therapy program, CSAs contribute to student learning by assisting the lead instructor in lectures and clinical laboratory sessions, offering demonstrations and providing feedback to students as well as leading small group discussions. With the inception of the MPT-N in 2020, CSAs are needed in the North to support the development of MPT-N students who will be located at UNBC in Prince George.

If you’d like to contribute to this rewarding experience, please use the link below to express your interest in the currently available positions.

Clinical Faculty

  • Edwin Betinol, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Jonathan Chuby, Clinical Instructor
  • Caitlin DuBiel, Clinical Instructor
  • Terry Fedorkiw, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Kim Foster, Clinical Instructor
  • Ronald Giesbrecht, Clinical Instructor
  • Wendy Marchlewitz, Clinical Instructor
  • Angela Pace, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Freeman Qu, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Kerrie Roberts, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Heather Robertson, Clinical Instructor
  • Angela Rocca, Clinical Instructor
  • Leslie Schwab, Clinical Instructor