Spotlight: Georgia Grenier, MPT-North Class of 2023

February 27, 2023
MPT-N student Georgia Grenier outside in the snow.

Meet Georgia Grenier who is a student in the 2021-2023 UBC Master of Physical Therapy - North Cohort at UNBC.

Hometown: Christina Lake, B.C.

What inspired you to pursue your program?

I chose to enter the field of physical therapy because I strongly support the notion that movement is medicine. Exercise has supported my health over the years physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Movement looks different for everyone; however, regardless of background and experience it can improve one’s quality of life which is ultimately what I want to support. I also value the interdisciplinary collaboration that physical therapists are often a part of. It is amazing to work with supportive and inspiring individuals so closely, and to have the opportunity to build client-centred treatment plans with numerous perspectives to truly meet a client’s aspirations.

What are you most enjoying about your time as a student in the MPT-N?

What I have appreciated most over my time as an MPT-N student is the family-like community that the faculty and clinical skills assistants have welcomed us into. I didn’t know anyone in Prince George when I moved here, and it was scary to make the leap. However, I have been consistently greeted with warm smiles and genuine check-ins throughout my time here which has made the transition nearly seamless. I greatly appreciate that the MPT-N program offers a small classroom size which fosters one-on-one feedback as well as friendships. 

Any favourite northern B.C. road trips or recreation activities that you like to do?

When I was accepted into the MPT-N program I made the goal to travel in all four directions from Prince George so I could explore more of northern and central B.C. Driving east, I have enjoyed hiking in the Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Provincial Park, skating in Jasper, and searching for waterfalls in Clearwater. Going west, I had the chance to snowshoe, sled and spend time laughing with my classmates in Smithers. Heading north, I have driven to search for the northern lights (unsuccessfully), and golfed and camped at Moberly Lake. In the future I would love to camp and hike in the gorgeous mountains surrounding Azouzetta Lake. And, I’ve driven south of Prince George maybe one too many times… But for the good reason of visiting my loved ones! Lac la Hache never fails to make me smile when I drive through. Additionally, I’ve heard great things about the Quesnel Bakery, so be sure to stop by if you’re passing through on your way to Prince George.

What is the most significant aspect of rural health that you have learned about so far? 

For many individuals living in rural communities, it is not feasible to access healthcare whenever they have a health concern. A doctor’s visit could be a one month wait and a one-hour drive from home. Or the two family doctors in town may be retiring at the same time. Physiotherapy may be something they have never heard of. If an individual is unsure whether their symptoms are an emergency, many are likely to not seek care for it. Unfortunately, this can lead to more serious conditions as well as an increased amount of stress for the individual and their loved ones. The need to advocate for patients’ health, and provide education in a way that resonates with each individual, has become a role more significant than I anticipated entering the program. For each patient, it is especially important in rural health to recognize all of the physical, emotional, and moral barriers they face, and to collaborate with them in improving their health.

What’s top on your bucket list?

Number one on my list is to ride a horse along a beach in Australia.