UNBC's Bio-plant Proves Emissions from Bioenergy can be on par with Natural Gas

August 25, 2011

Third-party testing of the new UNBC Bioenergy Plant has demonstrated that the facility has among the lowest emissions of any bioenergy plant in North America, and even lower than natural gas.

Measurements of particulate emissions, for example, have demonstrated that the UNBC Bioenergy Plant is producing emissions 18 times lower than other typical bioenergy plants and half as much as natural gas.

The Bioenergy Plant opened in March of this year and features Nexterra’s biomass gasification technology in tandem with an electrostatic precipitator to fully clean the emissions from the process. The system gasifies sawmill residue from Lakeland Mills of Prince George to heat water that provides most of the heat for UNBC’s Prince George campus. The University’s bioenergy project was recognized in 2010 as the top campus sustainability project in North America.
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Bioenergy Plant
UNBC's Bioenergy Plant 
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