Active Minds Science Camps (Ages 9-12) - VIRTUAL

Please note if your child is turning 9 this calendar year they are eligible to register for these camps.

Clubs run for one week, approximately one hour per day. In each session leaders will walk campers through the activity explaining the science and encouraging questions along the way, as well as introducing them to physical activities and brain breaks! Price $50, including Activity Box and T-shirt.

Be A Game Dev For a Week

Gamers assemble! Have you wanted to learn how your favourite games are made? In this camp, you’ll learn the basics of programming while building your own video games through Scratch, MakeCode:Arcade and more! Campers will get to make games to play with on their BrainPad Arcade that they get to keep forever.

Scheduled - 
Week 4: Jul 25th - 29th and Week 8: Aug 22nd - 26th

Engineering 101

Learn to think outside the box and ignite your engineering creativity! Jump headfirst into the practical application of science and math made fun. We’ll explore many engineering types including civil, chemical, mechanical, geological, and environmental. By participating in our week-long virtual camp you'll gain experience in the engineering process of designing, constructing, testing and then rebuilding your creations. Test your engineering imagination from the comfort of your home.

Scheduled - Week 2: Jul 11th - 15th

Cyber Chase

We spend so much time on our computers, why not learn what’s really going on in there? Campers will learn the in’s and outs of our computers as we take a week to do a deep dive into the world of computing. Learn about hardware, security, the world wide web and more through activities done through the browser, on our Micro:Bits, and with our hands!

Scheduled - 
Week 1: Jul 4th - 8th and Week 6: Aug 8th - 12th

Science Future - Science Past

Have you ever wondered how fields were watered in ancient Persia (Iran)? Or how greed was prevented by ancient Greek philosophers? Maybe you hadn't until now! This camp will answer questions of the ancient civilizations of the world as well as how those technologies have transformed and are still used today. Science has transformed from simple machines and the discovery of DNA to rockets and modern genetics! This activity club will explore the past and present as well as create hypotheses about the future of science, who knows what will be in store!

Scheduled - 
Week 5: Aug 2nd - 5th