Get ready for course registration!

Follow the steps below for general information on preparing for registering and how to register for classes. Then, select your current student status (New High School Admit, New Transfer Student, Returning Student) for specific information about how to choose your courses.

How to Prepare & Register for Courses

1. Timetable Your Classes

Make sure you have a method to timetable your classes, to ensure there are no overlaps in your planned schedule. Need a timetable? Feel free to use our UNBC Timetable.

2. View your Program Planning Guide

Visit the Plan Your Degree page to find your Undergraduate program planning guide document. Within this guide, you will find information pertinent to your program and ultimately give you a sense of what you can expect as a student in that degree program. 

3. Log in to myUNBC

Ensure you are able to log into your myUNBC account with your UNBC ID and password.

4. Access your Degree Evaluation

Your degree evaluation is available once course registration opens for your first semester at UNBC. Your degree evaluation organizes your coursework for you, shows you how your transfer credits are being used, and helps you track your progress toward graduation. You can 'generate' as many evaluations as you would like. We highly recommend that you use your Degree Evaluation throughout your time at UNBC.

5. Understand your Academic Calendar

When admitted to UNBC, you are following the program requirements of the Academic Calendar of your admit year. For example, if you are admitted for September 2022, you will be following the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar throughout the entirety of your undergraduate degree. Please ensure you are not simply "Googling" your program requirements and are using the appropriate Academic Calendar.  To learn more, contact a Student Advisor.

6. Register For Your Courses

Log onto your myUNBC account and under “Applications” select “Registration.”  This will take you to your Student Online Services Account.  Select the semester you would like to register in, and then select “Look up Classes.”

While registering, you may come across some error codes that may prevent registration of a section. If you encounter issues, please visit our Common Registration Errors webpage.

6A: The Registration System Explained (50 Minutes)

6B. How to Waitlist