Returning Students

Register early in order to ensure course availability! Follow these tips to help with your course selection and progression.

Your requirements could differ from a friend or peer in your program

The reason being is you follow the Undergraduate Calendar for the year you were admitted under. If your friend started before or after you they could have different requirements. Check your Degree Evaluation to see what your requirements are and to confirm the calendar year you are following!

Always try to schedule required lower level courses first

The majority of required courses usually have only one lecture time and are only offered in one semester.

Choose labs and tutorials last

If the required course has a lab or a tutorial, select these second. You only choose one lab and/or one tutorial section per course. Labs and tutorials MUST be registered along with their corresponding lectures to ensure full registration of the course. 

Course Registration Errors

While registering, you may come across some error codes that may prevent registration of a section. Visit our Common Course Registration Errors to learn more.
Note: If you are waived from a pre-requisite course, you will need permission from the instructor to register. For example, if you are waived from BIOL 103 and BIOL 123, you will need permission from the instructor of BIOL 201 to register for this course).

Taking time off

If it has been longer than three semesters since you have been enrolled in coursework, you may be required to re-apply to the University.