Graduate Degrees in Biological Sciences


Students who have completed a Bachelor's degree may also pursue graduate degrees in biological sciences through the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Graduate Program (NRES).

Faculty supervise students pursuing an MSc or a PhD.

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies should contact faculty members with whom they are interested in working to discuss projects and degree programs best suited to their interests.

Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (MSc Program)

icy-pine-needlesNatural Resources and Environmental Studies (NRES) is one stream of the Master of Science degree.

This degree is designed for candidates whose research interests have a scientific emphasis, and is expected to attract students from science disciplines such as biology, forestry, environmental science, and physical geography, as well as other scientifically-oriented areas of resource management.

Students studying within the NRES stream will, upon successful completion of the degree requirements outlined herein, obtain a MSc (NRES).

Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (PhD Program)

lilliumsThe PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies offers students the opportunity to develop an advanced level of understanding and training in any one or a combination of scientific disciplines related to natural environments, the processes (e.g., biological, chemical, physical) that govern them, or the human dimensions (e.g., social, economic, political, cultural) that interact with them.

The PhD (NRES) promotes an integration of the linkages between social, ethical, political and cultural dimensions and an understanding of basic ecological, biological, and physical attributes of natural resources.

Emphasis is placed upon the student to acquire an interdisciplinary base upon which to found a “disciplinary” area of concentration.

Graduates from this program who have an area of concentration and a familiarity with how other disciplines can contribute toward solving environmental problems, should be capable of addressing a variety of natural resources and environmental issues from a number of perspectives.