UNBC Copy Centre

UNBC Copy Services Closure in Response to COVID-19

The safety and security of our customers remains the Copy Centre’s highest priority. Customers will still be able to place print and copy orders via email copyservices@unbc.ca
Need to speak to Barry Wong? Give him a call at 250 960 6464.
To stay updated on the latest news, please visit www.unbc.ca/coronavirus

Services for Faculty and St​aff

UNBC Copy services provides faculty and staff with the convenience of cost-effective and high quality volume printing, photocopying, binding and finishing services. We have the capacity to professionally reproduce transparent overhead, presentations, documents, and photos. Maps (Max. size: 11" x 17") are professionally reproduced. We can not reproduce from disk. See our sample board in the office for the photo-like quality you can expect. Various binding and finishing options are also available to meet your requirements. If your requirements cannot be supported in-house we will find the best service provider to finish the job.

Placing an Order

Copy Services Printing Requisition Forms are available in the Copy Service office and at all Admin Assistant desks. Completed forms must have all budget accounting codes (FUND/ORG/ACCOUNT). All printing specifications must also be clearly noted. Jobs will not be printed until this information is submitted. Attach the requisition form to the original documents and drop them off at Copy Services.

All originals MUST have all staples removed and be photocopy ready. Dog-eared, torn, bound, wrinkled copies may be refused at the discretion of Copy Service staff. Turn-around times vary depending on the volume of work in the shop. All documents MUST have copyright clearance approval before printing.

Picking up Print Jobs

Print jobs require a pickup signature. This constitutes conclusive proof that all goods have been received and picked up are in good order and condition. Any miscounts or misprints must be noted on the form at this time. Reprints after form signed will be subject to additional printing costs. A pink copy of the requisition form is given to you/your department as a receipt.


All billing is submitted to UNBC Accounting monthly. Any questions or concerns regarding your photocopy billing can be made by calling 250-960-6464.

Services for Students and the General Public

UNBC provides all Copy Services products to students and the general public. Additionally, thesis printing is done here at Copy Services. The acid free/thesis paper can be purchased in the UNBC Bookstore. We will print your document but you must submit it to the Office of Graduate Programs for binding of your good copies. Advice on the production of any kind of print requirement can be discussed with knowledgeable, experienced and helpful Copy Service Staff. Payment Options: cash, credit and debit are accepted.

Copyright Procedures

All documents printed by UNBC Copy and Publishing Services must be Copyright cleared.

We are very strict when it comes to reproducing anything from a manual, textbook, or magazine articles. Some maps and colour reproductions of photographs require clearance as well. Most class notes, reports, and exams do not require clearance as they were probably written by university faculty or staff. Please sign Authorizing Copyright Clearance line on Printing Requisition Form. All documents not written by you must be cleared by the Copyright Officer. When preparing your Course Readings Package please be aware of this.

Print Refund Policy

You are responsible for verifying your print settings and the printer to which they are sent prior to accepting the charges. Refunds will only be provided for legitimate reasons and are granted at the discretion of the UNBC Print Services. Refunds are granted in the form of Print Credits only within two weeks of your request if approved; cash will not be given for print refunds.

Valid Reasons for Refund

  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Jammed paper
  • Low toner or too much toner (unacceptable print quality)
  • Other printer-related defects