Return to Campus Transitional Planning Update, September 3, 2021, 11:55 a.m.

September 3, 2021

We’re in the final stretches of preparing for the start of the semester next week, and there’s a lot to consider. There’s a mix of excitement and nervousness, but by working together we’ll make it through this transition!

In today’s update:

  • Masks are Required
  • Pop-up Vaccination Clinics
  • Community Immunity Student Contest
  • Vaccination Status Anonymous Survey

Masks are Required

Please remember that the Provincial Health Officer has issued an order under the Public Health Act that masks are required (for those able to wear them) in all public areas of our campuses. This includes in common areas such as hallways, corridors, elevators, classrooms and research labs as well as within the library, bookstore and Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre. Individuals working in their offices, cubicles or behind partitions are not required to wear masks as long as they are not close to others. A more detailed description of specific requirements and examples is available on our Transition and Return-to-Campus from COVID-19 website. We expect people to adhere to this order.

Pop-up Vaccination Clinics

We have worked closely with Northern Health to organize several pop-up vaccination clinics at our campuses next week.

Northern Health will be on our Prince George campus on Wednesday, Sept. 8 and Friday, Sept. 10 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Agora Courtyard. The free clinic is open to all students, faculty and staff who need a first or second dose of their COVID-19 dose. Students at our regional campuses will be notified of opportunities close to them soon.

If you can’t attend the UNBC clinics, you can find more information about the clinics available in Prince George or near you on Northern Health’s COVID-19 immunization clinics website.

Vaccination Status Anonymous Survey

Today, we are launching a voluntary, anonymous survey to help us understand our community’s vaccination levels. Collecting this data will help inform our planning and decision-making processes. The results are being collected by one individual; It is anonymous and the information will not be directly tracked back to the individual submitting it.

We have two different surveys, one for faculty and staff, and one for students. If you are a student employee, please fill in the student survey.

Faculty and staff can access their survey here:

Students can access their survey here:

Thank you in advance for helping us gain these valuable insights.

Community Immunity Student Contest

UNBC students can now enter the Community Immunity “I’m Vaccinated” Prize Draw. The Grand Prize is free tuition for the 2021 Fall semester. Additional prizes include two desktop computers, two parking permits for the Fall semester, and two Food Services punch cards.

Students who have registered for at least one class on any UNBC campus in the Fall 2021 semester are eligible to enter.

To enter, simply send an email to from your UNBC email address with your name and student number before Sept. 15 at 11:59 p.m. There’s no need to provide any information other than your name and student number and the information will not be retained after the draw.

Winners will be drawn randomly and only one submission per student will be accepted. If any winner should be disqualified, decline or not claim the prize within 10 days UNBC reserves the right to upgrade other winners.

On Sept. 21, 2021, Student numbers will be drawn by Interim President Geoff Payne, the Presidents from the Northern Undergraduate Student Society and Northern B.C. Graduate Student Society on hand to celebrate the winners.

Thank you

I know as we work through the current wave of COVID-19 that people are tired, stressed and frustrated and I understand that. I do want to again thank the community for the incredible resiliency and patience you have demonstrated over the past 19 months. The exemplary work by each and every one of you within our University community has been instrumental in our institution’s plan for a safe return to campus this fall. I am confident that regardless of the evolving pandemic and the shifting scenarios, we have proven that through collaboration, understanding and compassion we can accomplish great things.

To our students, thank you. Thank you for placing your trust in UNBC. We are honoured to welcome you to our campuses, and humbled by the fact that you have chosen to continue your post-secondary journey with us.

Thank you again. Stay safe, and thank you!

Geoff Payne
President and Vice-Chancellor (Interim)

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