Parking payment options

  • Payroll deduction for regular UNBC employees (long-term)
  • Pay stations (short-term)
  • Paybyphone App (short-term and long-term)

UNBC Parking Services is combined with Security and is located in the Agora west of the main Library entrance, 7-208.

Download the full map for handicap parking and pay station locations

Veteran plates

UNBC fully supports the municipal parking policy of the City of Prince George for vehicles bearing a “veteran” license plate. "Veteran" plated vehicles are not required to pay parking fees when parked in general parking at the UNBC Prince George campus. Drivers are required to adhere to all other parking regulations on campus.

All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking space or area.

Vehicles shall not park in or on:

  • Emergency or fire lanes
  • In such a way as to block other vehicles or impede travel
  • No person shall occupy a parked vehicle overnight regardless of valid parking permit

Any vehicle which is improperly parked will be subject to a parking citation and / or towing away without warning at the owner's expense and risk. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that any required permits are clearly displayed on the driver's side dash or rear view mirror.

Parking at the Northern Sport Centre

NSC parking permits are good for a 3-hour duration in the NSC parking lots while using the NSC facility. These parking permits are not valid in the Prince George campus parking lots. There are two pay stations located in the NSC foyer.

Note: UNBC parking permits (excluding residence permits) are accepted at the NSC lots providing the permit is valid.