Undergraduate programs

Economics (BA and BSc Programs)

A degree in Economics can open doors to any number of career paths.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Duration and credit hours: 120 hours; minimum requirement for completion with a major in Economics
Application deadline: March 1, 2024

Economics examines the behaviour of consumers and households, businesses, government, and not-for-profit organizations. How the economy performs – and provides us with the quality of life that we want – depends on how well all these different sectors interact. Our program focuses on understanding how social, political, cultural and technological forces influence the economy, giving you the comprehensive knowledge to analyze contemporary world issues.

Our Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics provide you with the knowledge and analytical skills that many employers seek. Economists work in many areas, including all branches of government, non-government organizations, international agencies, and in the private sector as stockbrokers, investment advisors, tax analysts, economic development officers, policy and program analysts, among others. Our undergraduate degrees in Economics also provide excellent academic training for people interested in pursuing professional degrees, including law and business, as well as graduate degrees in a variety of areas.

Choose your undergraduate degree in Economics:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts – Joint Major in Economics and International Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts – Joint Major in Economics and Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science – Joint Major in Economics and Mathematics
  • Minor in Economics
  • Minor in International Development Studies