Board of Governors

The University of Northern British Columbia operates under the authority of the University Act and is governed by a Board of Governors and a Senate.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the University.

The UNBC Board of Governors operates under a set of Board Rules  and has established the following Standing Committees and Advisory Boards:

* Please note, as per item 12.1 of the Board Rules, if members of the public or members of the University Community wish to make a presentation to the Board, they must submit a written request to the Board Secretary, at least one week prior to a scheduled meeting of the Board. The requestor must indicate clearly the subject or issue the person or group wishes to address, and the name(s) and title or position, if applicable, of the intended speaker(s). The Secretary will review any such requests with the Board Chair and seek additional clarification from the requestor(s) if needed.

The fifteen-member Board consists of: The Chancellor, the President and Vice-Chancellor, two elected faculty members, one elected staff member, two students elected by the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Societies, and eight members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. See the Current Membership of the Board.

The Act requires that the Board meet at least once every three months. Each year, one of UNBC’s regular quarterly Board meetings is held in one of the regions served by UNBC. The full Board meets on average five times per annum; additionally, a joint workshop on governance issues convenes annually with Senate. See the Board Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes.

Service on the Board of a university in British Columbia is voluntary. No remuneration is provided. General information on the role of a Board Member in a Post-Secondary Institution in British Columbia can be viewed at: Orientation for BC Public Post-Secondary Institution Board Members

The Board of Governors receives a Mandate Letter from the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, outlining the respective accountabilities, roles and responsibilities of the University and Government. UNBC 2023-2024 Mandate Letter.  For additional information, see also Reporting Requirements for BC Post-Secondary Institutions and BC Ministry of Advanced Education - Post-Secondary Funding and Accountability Resource Page.

For more information contact the Office of University Governance

2024-2025 UNBC Board of Governors - Graduate Student 

Eric Dampson

2024-2025 UNBC Board of Governors - Undergraduate Student

Iliyan Lakhani